An American Soldier Shows How to Win Hearts and Minds!


  1. At around 2:50, does he invite the Iraqis to occupy the United States?

  2. Actually more like 2:47.

  3. von Pepe7:41 PM

    I used to get that same speech about once a week when I was playing sports.

  4. Von Pepe's comment spurred me to listen to the end; I stopped it halfway when Gene first posted it.

    My new favorite line is right near the end when he says something like, "You wanna call yourselves Iraqi police then start beating some people's asses."

  5. von Pepe10:56 PM

    I used to love when a 45 year old coach, all 5'8" and 175 pounds would invite me outside for a beating. I was 20 years old, 6'3" and 215 pounds of twisted steel.

    It never made sense...and every now and then I would just laugh (like one of the Iraqi policeman did). It was reflexive to laugh.

    (I actually heard that speech so often I predicted ot myself the "lets take it outside" line was coming).

  6. Reminds me of what I heard from my drill instructors in army basic training. When it comes to making aggressive killing machines, humiliation works!

  7. von Pepe8:27 PM

    I was a border-line aggressive killing machine back then.

  8. James Rothfeld8:53 PM

    I'm not sure how wise it is to insult Muslims as 'pussies' and 'women'. I think only 'pigs' and 'monkeys' could be more likely hit all the wrong buttons.


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