Oh My My

Folks, I was just privileged enough to watch one of the greatest games in the history of basketball, the second longest in NCAA history, and one in which my team lost, but the effort of the team that beat them makes me teary for the beauty of the human spirit. Syracuse had never had a lead through the first five overtimes, and there were many points where it looked like UConn had the game in hand. We don't have a TV at home, but I was checking the score on ESPN.com, and when I saw it was close I shot out to my local with eight minutes left in regulation and $15 in my pocket, thinking that would easily be enough to get a couple of pints and see the end of the game. But no, I had to go to the ATM, and by the end of the game I was asking the owner of Cody's if he was offering loans to patrons if the game kept on going. Syracuse managed to win the game with four out of their five starters fouled out, playing people who had played something like thirty minutes during the entire season. As I said, I wanted UConn to win, but my admiration for the Syracuse players who pulled this off is unconditional.


  1. Sidney7:50 PM

    Sorry for the interruption, but do we have any weather forecasts yet for the big day?

    I don't want to bring to much luggage and clog up your living room.

  2. Sidney7:52 PM

    Ugh, please forgive my typos. I'm just so excited.

  3. Yes, I've got a forecast of hell freezing over before I see you that day.

  4. Sidney7:37 PM

    Oh, I plan on attending, bought the tickets and all.

    The only thing that might throw a wrench in the plans is my grandmother. She is a bit of a boozer. She usually falls off the wagon on St Patrick's day--her being Irish and all.

    If she isn't through with her bender by 3-31, the family has scheduled an intervetion for that day.

  5. I thought there might be something coming up that would interfere with your plans.

  6. Sidney3:01 PM

    Perhaps you could change the date of the Colloquium?


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