A treat from 1989

Go here and click on track 14. It's the Grateful Dead performing Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On', with Clarence Clemons on sax, and vocals by... well, listen (no fair peeking in the comments!) and try to guess who is doing the vocals!


  1. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Nice - I taped the simulcast of this from the radio back in '88. Believe it was an MSG benefit concert to save the Brazillian rainforest. Good query!
    In return, if you are a Blues for Allah fan check out
    starting with track 15 - a rare insertion of reckless "samson and delilah" between "help on the way" and "slipknot!" They restart slip afterward from a full stop (track 19). Not bad quality for an audience tape.

  2. Very humorous, Bob. In fact, it's probably the top pop singing duo of the 80s.

  3. You know Gene, when you wrote "no fair peaking in the comments," I kinda thought you would give us the answer in the comments, especially after a few days went by.

    From your latest hint, I have to guess that it is either Darryl Hall or Stu Morgenstern. Yes?

  4. Oh, and I meant the comments at the site where the music is -- 'Hall and Oates' is mentioned there.


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