Kalt und Köstlich

While dining with my friend Michael Bischoff in Zurich, I saw the above heading on our menu. "Ah," I said, "given we are in Zurich, I know what that means: those are the dishes that are cold and costly, as opposed to the others that are 'warm und köstlich" or others that are "heiss und köstlich."


  1. Gene, I think you're a cool guy, but I suspect if we went backpacking through Europe, I would be driven to homicide.

  2. And Bob, if homicide is indeed what you were driven to, no doubt there would be some who would conclude that, objectively, you did the right thing.

    Just kidding, of course.

  3. Ridiculous, Tom -- homicide is always OK if you just subjectively decide it's OK!

  4. As Aristotle pointed out, no moral subjectivist actually puts his "principles" into action -- witness Tom's outrage when he thought I had hidden my post to avoid his 'scathing' critiques.

  5. Homicide is OK precisely when there are no witnesses. The classic mistake in homicide is assuming that the only witnesses are the person or persons dead.


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