Atlantic Bookshop Off My Recommended List

I've recommended this as a great book shop -- and it is in terms of offerings. However, the people working the counter are not particularly effusive, but until today I was able to overlook this. But today whoever was working hung up on me in the middle of questions. Twice. Frustrated, I called back but found he was now refusing to answer. I called back periodically during the afternoon, not getting an answer. But then, I began getting messages from this guy -- telling me I should go kill myself, and that he had looked up my address in their records and knew where I lived!

Customer service by the psychopathic! Maybe don't shop there after all.


  1. I'm not trying to blame the victim or anything here, Gene, but when he started hanging up on you, were you asking him if he realized his whole world-view was question-begging? That is kind of annoying.

  2. I object.

    You are obliged to support Atlantic Bookshop, not because you derive benefits from it or because you have given your consent, but because it is part of the order of being.

  3. Very amusing, Tom. However, the correct analogy would be that I must support private enterprise as part of the order of being, not a particular business.

  4. OK Gene, but then why wouldn't the correct analogy also be that we must all support the law, rather than a particular provider such as the State?

  5. To support the law you have to support the state, because it is state law.


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