Netwits Unlimited

In constructing the ideal type "the ultimate netwit," never forget this characteristic: You very patiently wade through a 50 post discussion with the netwit, trying not to lose your temper as he continually sidetracks, evades, brings up irrelevancies, and so on. Finally, faced with the same idea you thought you had handled 4 different times before in the conversation, and realizing that you've been neglecting real work for 3 days, you give up.

Inevitably, at that point the netwit writes, "Ah, so you've got no answer for my last point, do you?"


  1. I never felt that way more than in this thread:;action=display;threadid=19019

  2. Who were you in that conversation? John Doe?

  3. Yeah. By the way, how do I embedd links in these comments?


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