The Blunderful Ron Paul!

Ron Paul has stirred up a tempest by inviting Tom Dilorenzo to testify at a hearing on the Federal Reserve. What is striking to me about this move is how tin-eared a politician it shows Paul to be. DiLorenzo is both 1) not an expert on monetary economics and 2) a defender of Southern secession. If Paul wanted to defend abolishing the central bank, he had available to him people like Larry White and George Selgin who are both 1) experts on monetary economics and 2) not defenders of Southern secession.

So how did he wind up with DiLorenzo and not Selgin or White? Perhaps as the congressman representing the Mises Institute district, he felt compelled to send props to the folks back at home?


  1. Maybe Selgin and White were already booked.

  2. Garrison? Horwitz? Tony Carilli? Greg Dempster?

  3. Given RP's past comments on southern succession, I'm pretty sure he doesn't even see the problem.

    Still, amazing how high the correlation between these beliefs are. Obviously not 100%. But I'm pretty sure if you deleted the southern successionist from the lot, the rest would find themselves a tiny minority and that they just lost almost all their audience.


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