Was Scorsese Messing with Us?

I've never watched the entire movie Goodfellas, but a caught a bit of it flipping through the channels tonight, and was shocked by one of the scenes I saw.

Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta, and Robert De Niro are sitting around the table of someone's mother, and Robert De Niro begins shaking ketchup onto his pasta! Look, as an Irish-Catholic growing up with lots of Italians, my family had only second-hand knowledge of "proper" Italian eating, but in my entire childhood I do not ever recall anyone doing something as nasty as substituting ketchup for pasta sauce.

Was this supposed to be a joke of some sort?


  1. that scene was ad-libbed.

  2. Does that mean De Niro was messing with us instead?

  3. Never noticed that before, but at the end of the movie Ray Liotta's character (I won't give full context as it would be a spoiler) complains that the delivery "Italian" he ordered has ketchup on it. So maybe there's some thematic import to the whole thing.


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