The Weirdest NCAA Tournament I've Ever Seen...

just ended with the weirdest championship game ever. My team won, but I told my wife afterwards, "I feel like I just got to make out with the hottest girl in high school. But only after she downed twelve shots, and she kept moaning the football captain's name while we were kissing."

Butler made three two-point field goals in the entire game. My son's fifth grade team made more than that every one of their (24-minute) games this past season.

Just bizarre.

UPDATE: Jay Bilas of ESPN said "I felt bad for both teams." Greg Anthony on CBS basically complained that even getting paid a lot of money was not enough compensation for having been made to watch a game so terrible. Butler shot the second worst field goal percentage ever shot in any game in the history of the NCAA tournament.


  1. I hope you didn't actually say that to your wife.

  2. Well, consider your hopes dashed.

  3. Oh, and she understood it was just a metaphor, and was not offended in the least.


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