Sometimes, you just haven't been noticed

I just found 19 unposted comments in my queue. For some reason, some comments get placed in my spam bucket instead of my inbox, and I only see them when I go into Blogger. And how often I do that variously enormously based on my schedule: today, for instance, was the first time in at least a week I got a chance to do this.

But it does make for amusing moments: today I discovered that "Robert," responding to my post discussing Bob Roddis's comments at Murphy's blog (so I am assuming "Robert" is Roddis) had an entire argument with me, in which he became increasingly angry, and finally wound up calling me a "pathetic piece of sh*t," without my knowing he had ever posted anything.

The disturbed are perfectly capable of working themselves into a rage all on their own, without any involvement by a second party.


  1. Well, it sounds like they were put in the right place then.

  2. This may be an ad hominem, but I think there's a strong relationship between the falsity of a person's opinions and their general amount of crankiness. This Roddis fellow sounds like a prevaricating, persecution complex suffering, egocentric nut.

  3. Gene: my favorite thing is when people infer the views that they hate on the person that is not even affirming these views. I think you had a post on this.


    Me: "I don't think that doing political theory is like doing mathematics..."

    Them: "What?! So you believe that we can just fly by the seat of our pants and make decisions on the economy, health care, and education by whim?!?!"

    Me: "I think that Progressivism has its own moral views, metaphysics, and political ideas on things, just like many religions."

    Them: "So you are saying that I'm going to pray the rosary to the Progressive altar while chanting the name of Obama?!?!?!"

    And so on and so on. If you find a humorous way of dealing with these nitwits, let me know. My current response has been one of affirmation: "Why YES I DO...!" That usually either shuts them up or makes them realize how obtuse they sound to others.

    1. So Alex, you advocate burning your critics on a spit?


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