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Do any of my loyal readers have any experience using git with Visual Studio? Because the combination is like the perfect storm of software obscurity!

I've succeeded in getting my project pushed up to github from one machine. But that machine is going with my son to university soon! And when I try to clone the project, Visual Studio says the project has been cloned, but it doesn't show up as a project I can open from the other machine! I don't understand at all: there it is sitting as a project in my "Team Explorer," supposedly all ready to go, but when I try to open a project, it is nowhere to be found.

If anyone has expertise in this area, I'm willing to pay for your time helping me with this!

UPDATE: There appears to be a solution file on disk. But when I try to open it, nothing happens.

UPDATE II: OK, it seems the repo was put in c:\Users\gcallah\Source\Repos\GenericVB, instead of in the Visual Studio project directory. Can I just copy it from there?

UPDATE III: Nope: I copy it to the Visual Studio project directory, and nothing works. I'm going to shoot myself in the head now, so no worries about answering.


  1. Have you tried cloning the github project outside of VS and then import the project into VS?

    1. The clone worked fine. The problem is importing the project into VS.


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