Saturday, December 19, 2015

The "Problem" of Evil, II

"But I can easily imagine a world without evil! It would be perfect."

"No, it has a very grave defect: it is imaginary. No one can live and nothing can exist in an imaginary world!"

A world with only good and no evil may be like a world with only up and no down: purely impossible.

But until you can make your own universe, it is not appropriate to criticize someone else's!


  1. I can imagine a world with no evil. I cannot imagine a world with an up and no down.

    1. Yes. That world you imagine has a grave defect: it is imaginary. Can you make it real?

    2. I was thinking more along the lines of necessary and contingent truths. A world with up but no down is nonsensical like a four-sided triangle. A world without evil is at least logically possible.

    3. Maybe it is logically possible. I'm not so sure.


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