Expecting Julian Assange to deliver the coup de grace

Assange is obviously not an idiot. He has massive material documenting Hillary Clinton's corruption, and has been leaking it out slowly.

What are the odds that that he did not save the most damaging revelation for this week?

Watch for it.

UPDATE: It seems my guess was wrong. It happens.


  1. The clock is ticking, Gene. It is already Thursday. It takes a while for things like this to have an impact.

    If he really has something left, now is the time.

    1. A lot of people are teetering. A big announcement Monday morning would tip their vote.

  2. Presumably the Clinton Team has also been holding something back to counter with.

  3. Supporting your idea, Gene, Wikileaks has been releasing emails more frequently lately. Where we had a leak every few days before, now it's every day or twice a day. This suggests a buildup. A crescendo.

  4. Well, it was a good theory.


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