And the top post for the month is...

British analysis?

This is what you people have been waiting for me to write about... the limits of analytical philosophy?!

Well, let me get busy!

(At least this has beaten out Bob's dumbass post about inconvenience, which had been the top post for a decade. And it's not really Bob's post that is dumb, but the fact that it sat atop the most-viewed-post list for a decade.)


  1. The thing that I especially like about the inconvenience post is that, without it, I would never have found out about a regular company that supplies cheapest mabinogi gold.

    1. I know! I bought so much o' dat shit!

  2. You should make a post about the limits of analytical philosophy Gene.

    To troll all of the analytical atom-splitters who are sure to come out of the woodwork and complain, just keep saying 'but what's your ARGUMENT?!' over and over again, and when they say that something is obvious, say 'what do you mean by that?! What is your ARGUMENT?!'

    Do this over and over until they either give up or realize that you have to have a brain before you can do philosophy; logical analysis is useless if the person behind the atom-splitting is as dumb as an atom himself.


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