Ideologues like to help their opponents "become extinct"

Vladimir Lenin promised to purge "the Russian land of all kinds of harmful insects."

Ideologies survive by demonizing and de-humanizing their opponents: the world would be, should be paradise, and if it is not, then it must be the fault of monstrously evil people standing in the way of the ideologue's vision.

Here is a nice modern example, from just down the street:

This is from the window of a neighborhood real estate agent who is so insanely anti-Trump that he devotes 80% of his window space to denouncing Trump and 20% to selling real estate. The crowd of people the photo depicts don't look like a pleasant bunch, but it is clear from the context that they are supposed to represent typical Trump voters. This lovely humanitarian is anxiously awaiting the day when 40% of his fellow countrymen "become extinct," since they are, not people, but "trolls" and "afflictions."

Having turned his opponents into sub-humans, you can bet that this great progressive, were he given complete power, would happily hasten their extinction, just as his buddies in ideological demonization, like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot, did when they were given the chance.


  1. His goal after all is 100%: a president who "represents" 100% of the people (remaining).

    Have you talked to him? Not that I would, or am suggesting it, but I bet he'd think *you* were the "hater" for criticizing him on this.

  2. Pffft! That's nothing. Have a look at what Christopher Cantwell wrote.

    1. Some crackpot stuff there for sure. But I really don't see anything like "now unfortunately they will reproduce." Gene's point is the erosion of the adversary's humanity. That is the whole point, the only point, of the poster Gene photographed. Der Redneck Süss.


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