Down with the (male) hornbills!

I was watching a show on Indian wildlife, and they went into a segment on the hornbill, which is a pretty trippy looking bird, as you can see above. Imagine my shock and horror when I learned that the female hornbill is sealed inside the nest to incubate and care for her chicks!*

What, the female isn't just as good as any male at going out to get food? She doesn't want opportunities out in the world, just like the male has? He's probably out becoming CEO of some big hornbill corporation, while she's stuck at home with a bunch of cawing brats. How dare they!

I'd say this species needs a good old American bombing campaign, starting today, until these lady hornbills are liberated from their prisons!

* Yes, I realize that she seals herself inside the nest. But certainly, that is just because she has adopted the patriarchical mindset of her oppressors.


  1. Gene, if I can find it (and if I feel like having my IQ lowered by a couple of points upon reading it), I'll send you a link to a feminist who loudly complains that climate change is patriarchal. Not that the *causes* are from patriarchy, but that *climate change itself* is patriarchal.

    Never underestimate the stupidity of a Progressive (or a feminist).


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