What idjits write these scripts?

Hawaii Five-O:

Detective A: It looks like a possible abduction case.

Detective B: "Possible"? Either you are abducted or you are not!

This was supposed to be a clever riposte! The proper response from Detective B was:

"Yes, and it's possible he was abducted, and possible he wasn't."


  1. Response from Detective A, you mean?

  2. i think it is a witty line. He's basically saying "If you were abducted, then it's impossible that you weren't abducted, and if you weren't abducted, then it's impossible that you were abducted. So either way, it's not true that it's possible that you were abducted and possible that you weren't abducted." Now of course, that's fallacious, but it's still a clever-sounding thing to say.

    1. Yes, "clever-sounding": but not actually clever. And that's my point!

    2. A *clever* line would be "You can't be a little bit abducted."


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