Woke up, got out of bed

Thanks to Alfa Romeo
My pasta ate the fazool
(It wasn't cool!)
Thanks to Gian Carlo
The faggatini hat
Overrode the dimply donners
Shudderkins, shudderkins!
Calling all paglias!

(More of an asnide
Than a Plimpton)

Jackson Pollack had it all
Lost, and then he found
It but he was dead
Alas alack too late!
They packed him in a crate
Vladimir became irate
Shudderkins, shudderkins!
Pozzo get me a stool!

A hard stool
The scapegoat's agony
Two-braced fear on the net
Coming up short
Young Johhny's wart
Shudderkins, shudderkins!
Calling all Juliet's!


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