More Adventures in DSL Land

OK, so here's the latest: After waiting weeks for Verizon to connect me, I ordered DSL service from Earthlink. In three days, it was working -- if I connected one computer directly to the DSL modem. But I have a home network, and I wanted to connect my router to the DSL modem, so that all of my boxes can reach each other and the Internet. That arrangement, I couldn't get to work. I called Earthlink, where a tech support person simply said, "We don't support routers."

So, since my Verizon order was still pending, I called them to see where I stood. The person I reached there told me, "We've found that you can't have DSL at your new location." I pointed out that the previous residents had a DSL connection, annd that I currently had one through Earthlink, working over the exact wires that Verizon would use. That befuddled him, but after some research, he determined that it was my current connection through Earthlink that was preventing Verizon from turning on their DSL service for me. He told me that, if I cancelled Earthlink, Verizon could have me hooked up by "next Monday."

So, here's my conumdrum: Do I spend more time trying to figure out how to make Earthlink work through my router, or do I cancel the working connection I now have, in the hope that Verizon won't take another 20 or 30 days to get my service working?

Aargh, I'm never moving again!


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