Fowl Play

Near my apartment there is a live poultry vendor. A price board on the wall outside its door lists prices for chickens, roosters, rabbits, ducks, guinea hens, and "fowl." I've always been puzzled by what you get when you buy fowl. I mean, I thought chickens, roosters, ducks, and guinea hens were fowl. Are they offering some other sort of bird that they can't identify beyond the fact it seems to fall under that general category? Does anyone know what this means?


  1. Maybe it's pheasant or geese.

  2. Maybe it's geese or pheasant?

  3. I heard a story about a little Asian lady trying to ride a San Francisco bus. She had just purchased a live chicken for dinner and was taking it home. The bus driver refused to let her board with a live chicken. Naturally, she broke its neck right where she was standing and paid the fare.

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