That Damned Global Warming!

WorldNetDaily, 13 December 2005

"A weather expert says December 2005 is on pace to become one of the 10 coldest in more than 100 years, despite claims at a global conference on climate change this week that the Earth is getting warmer."

(Hat tip to Benny Peiser.)


  1. I'm no climatologist but the key here might be from a snip in the link you provide:

    "the current look and pace may bring December 2005 in as a top 10 month for cold Decembers nationwide since the late 1800s."

    Focus on the "nationwide" for a minute.

    Some global warming theorists have the United States getting colder during the first phase of overall global warming.

    The theory being that global warming starts to melt part of the arctic, this cold water, near 32 degrees,flows south in the Pacific, which causes a cooling of Pacific waters, and a cooling of the jet stream.

    Viola! Global warming results in a colder United States.

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