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Okay, I've never been a fan of Rolling Rock beer, but a beer crime is still a beer crime. Anheuser-Busch has bought the popular little beer's company and has closed down the plant. They'll be brewing it elsewhere. I am not a fan of the other company either, but I can only imagine the quality will sink to their level.

In news about products I do use, Dr. Bronner's has gone the way of the red-flagged devil and started buying free trade crapola. Everyone around here has probably already read the Reason article on "fair" trade practices. I'm completely horrified. If they were buying pepperhemp from the worst sweatshop in North Korea, I probably would never have found out, but they are blatantly admitting that they've been swindled by fair trade marketing scheme. They advertise it on their bottles like it's a great thing! Argh. And peppermint kills roaches dead in five seconds. Seized-up, legs-in-the-air dead dead. Where am I gonna find another product like that? Shoes and TNT don't work as well. Do they still make TNT? Maybe that makes for a decent soap?


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