Giuliani's Abortion Stance

This afternoon I heard a commentator on CBS News Radio discussing Rudy Giuliani's recent re-affirmation of his pro-choice stance regarding abortion. The commentator noted that, while the position would probably cost Giuliani a shot at getting many votes from Republican evangelicals, the presidential candidate had most likely calculated that he could make up for that with support from moderate Republicans, especially with California having an early primary.

What struck me was that the commentator never entertained the possibility that Giuliani might have determined what to say about this issue based on what he really believed. We have reached the point in the decline of our polity that the notion that politicians might be adopting a stance based on principle is not even considered plausible.


  1. Hasn't this been the rule, rather than the exception historically? I wonder if the idealistic notion of democracy has ever been widely believed by the polity.

  2. Anonymous8:58 PM

    If Guiliani runs just slight of center-right, the christian wackos will vote for him anyhow. Could you imagine a god-fearin' "man" voting for Obama or Hillary?

    And to stay on topic... who would have thunk that an ego perverted enough to go into politics would have an honest opinion? I'm sure the a-hole we're talking about believes in marriage vows he took too (at least twice). That's okay, it's expected from a man.

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