Ron Paul, Weirdo, Upset by Cops Murdering People

I realize how naive this sounds, but I really don't understand why so many "elites" rip on Ron Paul when he is espousing positions that they ostensibly agree with. Look at this hatchet job by Slate. I could understand if FrontPageMag ran this type of smug commentary. But don't most Slate readers get upset when cops kill innocent people in the Drug War?

And is it really a criticism of Ron Paul that he was against the Vietnam and Korean wars back in 1988, and he still is today? (I kid you not, that seems to be the closing dig on Paul in this clip.)


  1. Wow! I did not see this as a hatchet job at all. Comparing him to Mr. Smith is a compliment. Otherwise, the tone of ironic detachment is simply the tone of all Slate pieces.

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