I've found it!!

I truly was not looking for things about me... I had googled "Lew Rockwell" to see what the top chatter was (for obvious reasons), and one of the first hits was Jonah Goldberg's "Farewell" piece in which he referred to me as a "no-talent ass-clown." Ahhhhh. I couldn't find this a week after it first ran, and assumed they took it down.

(BTW Jonah links to an article that is no longer up. When I entered the real world I asked that my angry young man articles be taken down to protect the innocent.)


  1. John T. Kennedy6:36 PM

    What did you feel was wrong with your eariler articles?

  2. Oh, I was leaving academia and trying to get a job in the financial sector. People told me that investment banks etc might be very cautious because of their clients, and I didn't want "nutjob" articles popping up if someone did a google search of my name.

    I sold out to The Man, in short.


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