Paul Lewis gives his autograph to David Harper:

Obama showed up for some Austrian advice:

While this guy just monkeyed around all conference:


  1. Did anybody mind that you were wandering around snapping photos? (Presumably the monkey didn't care, but besides him?)

  2. The Obama cutout didn't mind either. One person seemed a little suspicious, but that was it. I was showing people I was taking photographs and blogging right from my phone, so that there posts were up about 10 seconds after the photo was taken, and no one else cared at all.

  3. Erhmmm. Gene, please forgive the quibble, but why are you "monkeying" around with an orangutan? It is a great ape and like us a member of the hominid family, and NOT a monkey.

    (The monkeys have tails; those of New World monkeys are prehensile, while those of the Old World are reprehensible.)

  4. Yes, Tom, I learned that distinction when I was about six, but do bad puns need to be taxonomically accurate?


    "1. any of several families of Old and New World primates usually having a flat, hairless face and a long tail
    "2. loosely any of other, similar primates, as a gibbon or chimpanzee"

    By the way, the major cladistic division is Old-World Monkeys/Apes versus New World Monkeys -- "monkey" itself is not a taxonomic term at all!

  5. As I said, Gene, it's merely a quibble.

    Shall we estrange
    ourselves from our cousin apes?
    Or "monkey" with care?

  6. But why you wanna quibble me so? You are like an amiable and often amusing gadfly, whom I could never bear to swat even though I can't understand why it keeps buzzing past my ear.

  7. What can I say? Even if I fail to inform, I am rewarded by agreement or by learning from disagreement, and in either case learn something about you..

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