OK, So Then What?

Listening to sports radio yesterday, I heard a former football coach (didn't catch his name) say, "The Cowboys and the Vikings are such great defensive teams, I think they should just let the two defenses go out and play, and keep the offenses out of it."

OK, clearly he didn't mean that the two defenses should play and one of them should get the ball, because then you'd have one great defense and one really crappy offense on the field, not two great defenses. So, then, there's no ball involved at all. What then? Is there some way these two defenses can play some sport? Please discuss.


  1. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Maybe they're hoping for a 0-0 tie. It hasn't happened in what, 60 years?

  2. Former Redskin player John Riggins once suggested a team could just play defense - punt the ball on first down every time and build an entire roster of defenders. He thought it might work.

  3. That's interesting, Oliva, but you still need another team with the ball.


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