This Will Trick Them

I sometimes watch some really terrible movies. I tend to have trouble falling asleep without something to distract me: I lie awake thinking of blog posts for you, my faithful readers. One good solution is to put on a movie, the more mindless the better, and knock off while watching it. To that end, I found myself watching the awful made-for-TV movie, The Return of Alex Kelly. Now, this movie held more interest for me than would otherwise have been the case, because the crimes Kelly committed took place in the town next to the one where I grew up*, and my father supervised the prosecution of his case. (Statism runs deep in my blood: besides my father's position, my uncle was Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, and my great-grandfather has a highway named after him for his work as New York City Housing Commissioner.)

But here is something that really puzzled me: the makers of the film used the real name of Kelly's town, "Darien," and the real state name, "Connecticut." But when it came to the county, they had the events take place in "Marsden" county! Why in the world would they use a fake county name, when they used the real town and state names?

* This begs the question of whether I have, in fact, ever grown up.


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