Friday, April 05, 2013

The "scientists" at KFC

KFC has just announced a new sort of boneless chicken nugget thingy. In the announcement, it said that their scientists had spent three years developing this.
I bet these guys really impress the other scientists at big conferences.

"What sort of science do you do?"

"High-energy particle physics. And you?"

"Boneless-chicken-nugget science."

"Whoa! I failed that as an undergrad, and so I went into physics instead.

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  1. While I found humor in this, I know that many natural scientists look down on the social sciences.

    I did know a guy that was a Food Scientist and it was very interesting what his training required, it draws from many pretty hard-core scientific disciplines. I think his undergrad was in chemistry or possibly biology, but his Masters and PhD were in Food Science.


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