Dunderheads to the left, dunderheads to the right

Right-wing ninnies call everyone with whose policies they disagree a "socialist."

Meanwhile, left-wing ninnies call everyone with whose policies they disagree a "fascist."

Look, I disagree with the Koch brothers on a number of issues. But "fascists"? No, I am pretty sure they are not for the massive government intervention in the economy that characterized fascism. Nor are they for the militarization of society that characterized fascism.


  1. A little while ago you had a post about how the left and the right often use the word capitalism in different ways, the right using it to mean the lack of government intervention in economic affairs, and the left using it a system designed to benefit the owners of capital. I think something similar is going on here. I think the left is using fascism to mean a system where society is controlled by the interests of big business, whether it is done through activist government policies or by other means, like the deliberate withdrawal of the government from certain areas so that corporations can have free reign.

    Or liberals may view deregulation as merely a tactic by the right, designed to allow corporations to grow in power to the point where they can commandeer the government and skew the laws toward activist intervention in favor of business interests.

  2. I truly hate political spectrums of any sort. There's something about the use of sliding scales as a classification tool for political positions that just seems off to me. It also tends to be highly distortive.


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