Batman Begins...

To puzzle me about what is going on with time.

Rachel, with Bruce in the car, makes a sharp left turn down a ramp. It is broad daylight.

When she reaches the bottom of the ramp, it is full night.

She slaps Bruce when he shows her his gun. He gets out of the car. The next thing we see, he is throwing the gun into the water at dawn.

Then he goes back to confront Falcone at the place where Rachel told Bruce that Falcone hangs out. It is full night again.

Except for the time of day, this sequence of events would appear to have taken an hour or so. But going by the sky, it would have to be about 36 hours.

UPDATE: Here is a second little puzzle: That microwave weapon that Ras Clot or whatever his name is steals, it is suppose to vaporize all of the water nearby, right? He just needs to pass by some water with the thing in a train and the water starts vaporizing. So... what about all of the water in Ras Clot himself? And all of the other people who stand around right next to the machine while it is operating?

Well, maybe the machine only cooks water underground in pipes, and can't penetrate a few millimeters of flesh.


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