Weird bug convergence

I have been using Apple's program Pages lately in an effort to make my Chromebook work as an editing platform. (Google Docs simply does not cut it: it wipes out all memory of MS Word styles when you convert a file to Google's format, and messes with the existing formatting tremendously.)

Not bad, so far: I am very happy with the fact I can now edit on my iPhone. But as a software engineer, I have found one great puzzle: I was always annoyed that whenever I tried to re-format a paragraph in my "blockquote" style, MS Word would "leak" the style change over into the previous or subsequent paragraphs. Bizarrely, Pages does the exact same thing!

Perhaps, in their effort to capture MS-Word-style logic, Apple engineers also imported the bug in MS Word?


  1. Why don't you just use Micrrosoft Office Online on your Chromebook, rather than going through a roundabout method of editing on your iPhone?

    1. Well, I can use Pages on my chrome book as well. The point is I can now edit on both platforms.

  2. Gene,

    Oddly enough, I noticed the EXACT same problem this last week: I'd select a paragraph, choose to format it as a quote, and either the previous or following paragraphs would also take on the quote styling.

    But ... this wasn't in Windows or MacOS, or on Google Docs or whatever Microsoft calls their online Word program. It was in the WYSIWYG editor at FastPencil, a self-publishing platform.

    Very strange.


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