White Privilege

Thoreau has a good post on this topic.

99% of the time I have heard the term used, it is a way for very privileged white people to show how superior they are to less privileged white people. For instance, it is a very good way for tenured professors (an extremely privileged class) to bash working class whites. In the struggle of the elites currently underway in the United States, it serves a very useful purpose: if working class whites can be convinced that they are actually "privileged," then maybe they won't notice how all three of the elite factions in the struggle are screwing them over.


  1. A Marxist-Leninist I know (his forum avatar is Kim Il-sung) agrees with your analysis.

    1. Yes, I have frequently look to Marx on this issue. The fact that his proposed system cannot work should not obscure the fact that he was a genius with many keen insights!

  2. I think you must be exaggerating a wee bit. 1% where this isn't true? That seems high.

  3. Well, Ken, I do know black people making this argument as well.


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