A season of sexual frenzy

Once we recognize that plants are much, much more active than they appear to be to casual observation, possessing memories, communicating with other plants, sharing resources, driving off predators, and so on, it is clear to me that there is no reason to regard them as less sentient than animals. Animals simply move at our speed (we being animals!), while the activity of plants is slower and thus much less apparent to us. (Tolkein, for one, saw this, characterizing Ent speech as being extremely slow moving compared to other Middle Earth creatures with language.)

And recognizing that, spring suddenly looks a lot different: it is an explosion of sexual activity, with, say, the trees in our yards having week-long orgasms. We just got a new car, and after we left it parked on the street for two days, I went to start it only to find it coated with a thick layer of pollen. "Ugh," I thought, "that tree has just ejaculated all over my car!"


  1. Speaking of Ents, I just came back from an expedition in Cameroon, the first crossing of the Dja reserve (North-south) by oursiders, and we saw a few Walking Trees. They move about 1 meter per year, seeking a better soil etc..

  2. Plants are deaf, but they can see color.
    You might enjoy the book What Plants Know.


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