Michael Pollan, economic ignoramus

"Processing food is very profitable, much more profitable than growing it or selling it whole... The more you process food, the more money you make." -- Cooked

And for decades, no entrepreneurs have noticed these "high profits" in processing food, so no one new has entered the field to compete those profits away.

And as far as the second sentence goes, well, I'm going to start processing some cucumbers I grew today, and just keep on processing them for the next decade: boy, should I be rich by then!


  1. It's called branding. Entrepreneurs do see this and try but there are restrictions against copying. The successful ones are profitable and unsuccessful ones have enough losses to average out. Profitable but risky.

    1. "Branding" is a very different thing than "food processing," Lord. Farms can brand, and retailers of whole foods can brand. Like, say, the one actually NAMED Whole Foods!


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