Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Third Adams Presidency

After Donald Trump himself, who was the most important person to Trump's victory?

I vote Scott Adams. The man had quite a year!


  1. The funny thing is, he wasn't even supporting Trump. He was just explaining Trump, for the most part.

    1. By a country mile it was Ann Coulter. I think only once before has a single individual affected an election to this extent. From what I recall, Coulter wrote her book and appeared in a debate with Jorge Ramos. After seeing that Trump ordered the book and placed immigration at the centre of his campaign. She also kept contact with the campaign via e-mailing Lewandowski and berating them for going off script.

      I enjoyed reading Scott Adams even if his, not so concealed, advocacy for Trump but not sure he affected the campaign so much as he explained it.


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