The progressive left's multi-culturalism

The government of Malaysia apparently asked Disney to cut a few minutes from Beauty and the Beast, minutes that the government deemed to be promoting homosexuality.

So, of course, Disney, promoters of "multi-culturalism," respected the local culture of Malaysia -- after all, they weren't asking for Disney to insert a segment condemning homosexual behavior! -- and cut those few minutes, right? We have to respect the values of other cultures, and never "imperialistically" assume that our culture is right, and the culture of the other is wrong, hey?

Of course they didn't cut that segment! They flat out refused. The "multi-culturalism" of the progressive left is entirely a weapon to wield against traditional Western culture. Whenever some other culture's values differ from progressive ideology, that other culture must be chastised, boycotted, re-educated, or even, if they won't submit, bombed.

Genghis Khan was way more "multi-cultural" than leftist progressives.


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