Mulling over my Kirzner review

Well, now I have a problem: when I agreed to review Kirzner, I thought the book would be new material. No, it is good material, but 80% of it I had read before. So I am not plowing through it at the speed I thought I would be moving at. And meanwhile, Jerry Muller's excellent book, The Tyranny of Metrics, which I also am slated to review, arrived in the mail.

So, I guess I am going to review Muller first... well, except I also just got asked to review a paper on WebAssembly, so... I don't know: maybe I should write a joint review, interspersing my take on all three together?

In any case, let's start in on Muller: this book has a target, which Muller calls "metric fixation." Muller's critique of metric fixation overlaps my work on rationalism, as shown by his statement of one of the "key components" of metric fixation: "the belief that it is possible and desirable to replace judgment, acquired by personal experience and talent, with numerical indicators of comparative performance based upon standardized data (metrics)" (p. 18).


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