An odd idea of how to hold a rally

CNN dumbwad editor-at-large Chris Cilliza here "refutes" President Trump's assertion at a recent NRA rally that "Can you imagine, if we ever called for a rally in Washington, DC? There wouldn't be enough room."

"DC is -- give or take -- 68 square miles large. Thanks to this Reddit thread, I calculated that you could fit 947,865,600 people in DC if they were standing shoulder to shoulder. So..."

So, apparently, Chris-the-brainless Cillizza thinks that the size of a rally that can be held in Washington is correctly determined by contemplating how many people could fit, "shoulder to shoulder," if we bulldozed the entire district and turned it into a giant rally site!

Because I've been in DC, and as far as I saw, a high percentage of those 68 square miles are covered by buildings. And a good bit more is taken up by public streets, which I don't think you are allowed to block with your rally. And another good chunk consists in people's front and backyards, and I don't believe that most of those property owners would be very happy with someone's rally filling their yards "shoulder to shoulder" with rally attendees.

Look, I don't know if Trump's assertion that DC couldn't host such a large rally is correct or not: we'd have to actually look at potential rally sites to determine that. But I do know that Cillizza is so anxious to mock Trump that he is instead making a fool of himself.


  1. It's even worse than you say Gene. Cilliza forgets that people can stand one each others' shoulders, or form pyramids. He's off by at least a billion.

    That whole piece is interesting reading. There isn’t a point made or even hinted at. It's pure cool-kids-mocking-the-losers grade 3 stuff.


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