Back to PropArgs Again

This was an early instance of "infrastructure as code."

I am now rebuilding "PropArgs" in a new context, that of agent-based models. Here is the order I think we want properties to have precedence, from lowest to highest:

  1. The database: this is where to store fairly static info on the model being run, as well as server names, etc.
  2. Environment variables: allows overriding DB settings for dev / prod servers, or particular runtime environments, such as web, GUI, or command line.
  3. A stored property file: can create settings for particular runs, e.g., to do big batch runs of a program with specific settings.
  4. The command line: can override previous properties by invoking the program with a novel setting.
  5. Asking the user: the ultimate authority on what parameters to use for a model.

Any thoughts? Any place to set these parameters that we've missed?


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