"Multiculturalism" as Cover for Ethnocentricity

"All cultures are of course ethnocentric and few are genuinely aware of the degree of their own ethnocentricity." -- Alasdair MacIntyre, Three Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry, p. 28

I suggest that few people today are as blind to their own ethnocentricity as our current liberal, secularist, globalist elite. (And, of course, it is their occupation of the high ground in elite institutions around the world that partially protects them from the consequences of their own blindness.)

I contemplate this fact today after having just received a letter, from the leader of a global, elite institution, exhorting "every single member" of the community to support hey highly contentious point of view, one rejected by maybe 90% of the people on earth. And it was mandatory for everyone to support this controversial view in the name of... tolerance and inclusion!

The "multiculturalism" of our elites means that they will happily enjoy the "exotic" dress, food and music from distant countries. But they will not for a second tolerate any dissent from their views on the proper way to order society. (Notice how they celebrated Ihlan Omar's election to Congress when they thought it just would be about a lady with brown skin and curious headgear appearing in celebratory photos, but universally smeared her as an anti-Semite once she mentioned that the money AIPAC spends on lobbying might affect US policy towards Israel.)


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