Fair's fair!

Reader rob smeared me as "weird and out of touch" for noting how intolerant progressives and progressive institutions are today. No, he complains, they are only being "fair"! So let me share three items of interest.

At one large organization where a friend works, two black cafeteria cooks were asked to prepare a special meal in honor of African-American history month. No doubt, they thought back to their own childhood and prepared on meal of ribs, collard greens, and cornbread. A much higher status member of the organization came to the cafeteria and was sorely offended by their "stereotyping." She got them fired. So this highly privileged woman got two much less privileged, minority workers, who were probably supporting families on their low wages, thrown out of work because they had offended her progressive ideology by implying that African-American people ever ate African-American cuisine. Hey, fair's fair!

At another large organization where a friend works, there is a committee for social life. Despite the organization's membership being only about 5% gay, about 80% of the committee's budget is devoted to LBGTQ events! The breast cancer awareness group has to struggle to get a couple of thousand dollars for group support sessions, while the LBGTQ group easily gets $25,000 for "Gay Night at the Opera" with champagne and hors d'oeuvres.  Hey, what do the needs of breast cancer survivors for support amount to compared to some gay guys getting drunk at the opera?

I asked my friend twice no one complains or turns down any of the LBGTQ group's requests. "They are terrified of complaining," he told me:  "They'd be branded as homophobes!" But, you know, fair's fair!

By the way, I know the name of the organization in each of the above stories. Why didn't I use it? Because both of my friends have told me that they could be fired for complaining about these things. Even mentioning progressive intolerance is an intolerable act! Fair is fair!

Lastly, I will mention a group I can name: The Heterodox Academy. This group was founded by liberal, Democratic Prof. Jonathan Haidt to fight rising progressive intolerance. It now has over 2700 members. I was out for a beer with Haidt, and one of the other people at the table asked him about the political leanings of the members. He responded that the vast majority call themselves "liberal" or "centrist." So over 2700 University professors, very few of whom call themselves conservatives, have risked the ire of progressives in order to fight progressive intolerance. rob better start notifying all of them as to how "weird" and "out of touch" they are!


  1. Also, n the NYU case the fired employees were apparently not black



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