Prices going up? Prices going down?

 Ball of confusion

It's climate change today

Hey hey!

Or at least, there are people out there who would like to blame every single bad thing that happens on "climate change."

Listen, I am a climate conservative: I think we should mess with our atmosphere as little as possible, and I believe we might have messed with it too much already. But...

Today, I saw someone on Twitter blame recent price rises on... us "cooking the planet." Uuuugh...

  1. Earth is warming up some, but it's been far warmer than this in the past. What's more... earth don't care! It's a friggin' planet! It will be fine even if we wipe out the human race.
  2. Not every bad thing that happens is due to climate change! The January 6 riot did not happen because of climate change. China persecuting the Uyghuts is not due to climate chnage. And the recent bout of inflation is not due to climate change: It is due to the Fed flooding the economy with cheap funds for a dozen years.
Got it?


  1. Sorry if this seems unrelated to your post but I recently read a book review on the Death of Liberalism by LAURA K. FIELD. I also read your book review on the Death of Liberalism and you two seemed to have come to 2 very different conclusions. Field's review is far longer and more detailed than yours so I think you should read it to see her ideas and beliefs why she rejects Deneen's conclusions.


    1. Please see my new blogpost on that review.

  2. thanks

    P.S. you renamed yourself to Geno?

    1. I don't know where the heck that login came from!


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