This Means War!

Now he's gone too far.


  1. The atrticle..."It is important we recognize that when money goes from the pocket of an American to buy drugs, it may contribute to the financing of unspeakable crimes of violence around the world," Hutchinson told Congress... That "might" be as a direct result of the gov't laws that created the black market in the first place.

  2. What a great example of free market consumer protection coming about as a result of the self-interest of producers!

  3. After thinking about this article further and giving its truth and accuracy the benefit of the doubt, why would a major heroin distributor like binladin need to poison coke? Why not his dope? or both. Perhaps the real quest of this alleged story is to get an "in" on the coke pipeline which is quite a conduit in terms of the volume of material that flows unhindered to the US. ladin and that ilk utilizing a good smuggling set-up could bring in products consumers don't want to ingest.

  4. Presumably he doesn't want to poison his opium for the same reason that the Columbians decided they didn't want to poison their cocaine.


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