Being Bob's Wife

This morning, I signed onto the Internet to see what songs are being done in the early and later services at church. Almost the instant I signed on (on Bob's computer), a Yahoo IM window popped up. Here is the conversation:

noanthraxvaccine: Dr. Murphy!
bob: who is this?
noanthraxvaccine: I agree with your commentary on free trade
noanthraxvaccine: my name is Mark
noanthraxvaccine: but I think a couple lines you used when repudiating Paul Craig Roberts were misplaced
noanthraxvaccine: when is employment worse than unemployment?
noanthraxvaccine: when it is misemployment, where not are only are they non-producers, but they are siphoning resources away from productive outlets, i.e., government and government subsidized employees
noanthraxvaccine: so your statement about school teachers and health industry jobs was misplaced, I think
bob: mark, this is Rachael Murphy, Bob's wife. why don't you just send him an email?
noanthraxvaccine: okay, sorry
noanthraxvaccine: i love Bob
noanthraxvaccine: i read his commentary a lot
bob: me too
noanthraxvaccine: im a fellow disciple of the Austrian school of economics
bob: ah

It was just so funny how this guy seemed so excited Bob signed onto IM, and then we wound up talking about how we both love Bob. Ah, me.


  1. I know, I know. This is so cool that sometimes I troll message boards pretending to be Bob's wife.

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