Dennis Miller Takes on Whiny Liberals

Both the transcript and video link are here; you should definitely watch the video.

My favorite parts:

(1) On Bin Laden: "Who knows and who cares?" Right, it's not as if this is supposed to be a war on terrorism or anything. Only Al Franken would bring up Bin Laden at this point.

(2) On Saddam and the missing WMDs: "...has to be the worst bluff in the history of the universe."

Umm, actually, Saddam said he didn't have the weapons, so it wasn't a bluff. Bush didn't ask him if he had them, he said (in his State of the Union), "It is up to Saddam to lay out his banned weapons for all the world to see. He has done no such thing."

If we want to continue with the poker analogy, it would be as if Bush raised Saddam $100, Saddam said "I fold," and Bush said, "No you don't, liar! You're saying you've got a flush, but I've got a full house, so screw you! I'm taking your car too, since I just won the hand. Let's see what your hole card is... Huh! You didn't make your flush after all. Wow, normally I can read a man's tells. Anywho, where are your keys? I hope you've got a good CD player in there."


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