Those Evil Iranians

I was listening to some news piece on NPR, and the reporter was talking about the UN sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program. He discussed how the Iranians were developing (I think) ground-to-air missiles that would attach to armored units, things that were originally developed by the Soviet Union for use against NATO forces.

The reporter further explained that Iranian officials insist the weapons are defensive, but that certain "experts" are worried that they are offensive. To explain, they played a clip from some analyst who said something like:

"This is a very provocative move. Iran is hoping that this hardware will allow their ground units to challenge the air supremacy of US forces."

Does everyone see that? (There was nothing else in the audio clip about offense vs. defense, by the way.) So the fact that Iran wants to be able to defend its armored units against American aircraft proves that they are offensive, not defensive. After all, it's not as if there is a realistic threat that the US would start bombing Iran anytime soon. Don't these nutjobs know that democracies are good?


  1. Any threat to US supremacy is offensive to the warmongers. We are an empire, and some aim to keep it that way. American Exceptionalism - ask for it by name!

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  3. It offends Bush when people resist his aggression.

    By the way, Jim H. linked to this and there's a discussion thread over there.

  4. Anonymous12:49 PM

    if they really cared about peace, those iraniacs would just sit there and wait to be bombed into oblivion.

  5. UU. (April 28, 2005):

    I've kind of wondered why they need one since they've got all the oil, but nevertheless, others in the world say, well, maybe that's their right to have their own civilian nuclear power industry


    we gave them civilian nuclear power to supply their domestic electrical needs, so they would have more oil availiable to supply the open market

    re, the comment others in the world say, who was ford's sec def and chief staff back then ?? maybe he could've asked them

  6. Anonymous1:24 PM


  7. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Ever try to invade another country WITHOUT being able to MOVE anti-aircraft weapons forward?? I think the key is that these weapons are MOBILE. Air parity or neutralization is a necessary requirement for any invasion.

  8. Note that plenty of us opposed Reagan's missile defense program not just because it was a waste of money but also because it strengthened our offensive capabilities (or would have if it hadn't been loony).

  9. Invasion of whom, Anonymous? Who is it that our government, or you, suspects the Iranians of preparing to invade? New Jersey?

  10. Anonymous1:51 PM

    The only way it makes sense to call them offensive is if you *assume* that those Iranian armored units will end up in Iraq (or some other country). That seems to be what's unspoken here.

  11. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Just for historical perspective, anti-air untis have been attached to armored units since before WW2.

  12. Anonymous1:53 PM

    New Jersey has more formidable defenses and certainly requires more than Iran could muster! Just pointing out why these weapons are more offensive in nature. They are also designed to destroy US and Nato airforce planes. They have a few of these in NJ. (omigod!)

  13. Surely Iran has cause for anticipatory preventive self defense under the Bush Doctrine -- with direct, credible threats from nuclear superpowers all around its borders. And, according to Hersh, US Special Forces painting targets inside Iran. Hell, Article 51 ought to be good enough for them to justify a counterattack.

  14. Anonymous3:27 PM

    And if you think the Iranians are being paranoid, try naming even one of their neighboring countries that DOESN'T have a US base. Yup, we've completely surrounded them.

  15. I have read about this somewhere and I think they're talking about a missile system that Iran already has, which they bought from the Russians. They've only received part of the order so far and the Russians are happy to deliver more if the Iranians want them. They are something along the lines of Patriot Missiles that can automatically take down incoming missiles or aircraft, even the stealth kind, it is believed. It is also suspected that they have already used them against us on of our UAV's that was doing some spying in their airspace.

    I think I read about it yesterday or the day before over at Booman Tribune.

  16. Nice comment Owl. Iran would certainly be justified in utilizing our own doctrine of pre-emptive (read, preventive) war against us. Surely they'll be seeking the UN Security Resolution any day.

    Wait, that won't happen? What?

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