Was this really as dumb as it seemed??

Due to inclement (what does that word actually mean?) weather, my family was forced to stay in a hotel last night. We ended up watching the second half of a Martin Lawrence movie where he's a basketball coach of young kids. In the climax, they're down by 1 and one of their players gets fouled. (Though was he even shooting at the time? I don't recall but possibly not.)

Anyway the kid has two free throws with no time on the clock. So of course he has to sink them both to win. He does, naturally.

Here's the kicker: On BOTH shots, the kid jumps over the foul line!! Isn't that illegal?? It was when _I_ (assistant) coached little kids. Would it have been so so so difficult to have the actor stay behind the line? Or was there really no one involved in this production that knew that much about basketball?


  1. Yeah, that's illegal -- both points would have been disallowed.

    I hate it when Hollywood does crap like that -- like showing computers that to "search" records have to flash them all up on the screen.

  2. From L. = "not mild;" principally apropos weather.

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