CNBC's Pulled Paul Poll

As promised, my full length sarcastic commentary.


  1. Woody7:20 PM

    It's kind of like an "employee of the month" contest I remember. But at least they pulled this one, rather than declaring Pat Romano the winner by popular vote. The one who actually earned the most votes probably didn't deserve the title either. Gene actually ran this campaign, ask him about it.

    Whatever the pulling of the poll means, Hillary is going to win the election, and Ron Paul will likely help by taking the fringe repulviscans, a la Ross Perot.

  2. Woody,

    Aside from your buzz killing comments about RP's chances, I have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. You do recall that Ross Perot, as a third party candidate, helped bring us Clinton I.

    RP is a republican, but let's be realistic about his chances at getting "his" party's nomination. It's my understanding that libertarians want to nominate him as a third party candidate. I'm no insider, and don't care much for politics, but this is the only chance I see of him getting on a national ballot. The bland and doughy Dodd has a better chance of getting the Democrat's nod.

    I think RP would be an interesting third-party candidate. But I guess you have doubts about RP getting out of line with his party. You're probably right, he is a professional politician.

  4. No, Woody, I understood your buzz killing comments about RP. I'm saying, the other stuff, about employee of the month and Pat Romano and Gene, are gibberish to me.

  5. Bob,

    Half the stuff on this blog is gibberish to me; don't be so picky.

  6. Woody7:48 PM

    Oh, sorry about that. I thought this was Gene's blog. I post on many blogs semi-anonymously, and when I do post I'm usually inebriated.

    Many moons ago, Gene and I worked in a warehouse that was attached to a "warehouse store" this was in the days before they called them warehouse stores. ((Back in those days the owner's actually called it a "Dairy Store" (the World's Largest) and there we created a play on a Boy George song which described activities there. 'It's a Dairy Store... and Cream is not an emulsion.'))

    I was a freak and not the Dairy Store's idea of a public face. There was a tradition where each month management would pick the most servile drone to carry the title of "employee of the month." The scions of the founder of this business thought it would be cute for employees to "elect" the employee of the month. The first month they tried it, Gene ran my campaign for the position. Rumor has it that I won. But I was Gored. One of the scions thought that this could not stand. So in a youth dominated company, a mild mannered barely known, 60-something year old woman was named the popularly elected "employee of the month." At the time, it just so happened that Gene wrote the employee of the month declarations for the company propaganda rag. He emphasized the "popularly elected" theme in the month that Pat won. Many moons from now, when we're all dead, and Gene is in the pantheon of great thinkers, scholars who study Gene's juvenilia will know, thanks to this blog, that the Romano piece was satire, and so very clever because it became an official publication.

    I hope this makes sense. I've been drinking.

  7. And Bob, I like Ron Paul, but Woody's right -- the chances he will win the Republican nomination are about as good as the odds that my craps will suddenly become valuable E-Bay items.

    "Our beef prices are lower
    Our milk prices are lower
    There's a big sign in the sky
    You'll see it when you drive by...

    It's a dairy store
    It's a dairy store..."

  8. Arthur Silber:
    "On those extraordinarily rare occasions when a politician appears who speaks the truth on any subject -- for example, a Ron Paul, or Mike Gravel, or Dennis Kucinich (and whatever one's disagreements with these individuals, all of them speak the truth on certain crucial subjects) -- such persons are regarded as kooks and crazies, and they are treated as objects of derision and ridicule. It is impermissible that they be taken seriously, or that they be allowed to hold the public's attention for any appreciable length of time. And it is absolutely forbidden that they ever attain a position of notable influence; the governing class, including its indispensable adjunct, the corporate media, will make certain of that."

  9. I heard stories about that store.


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