The New Holocaust

I've pointed out before that what a lot of voices from the wingnut faction are working towards is a new holocaust, this time of Moslems, on a grander scale than Hitler ever imagined. Now, the revolting Christopher Hitchens makes my point by calling for the genocide of Moslems.


  1. Woody8:27 PM

    Gene, I'm sure the shit is going to hit the fan one of these days. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe 50 years from tomorrow, but happen it most certainly will. I do not want to live in a major population center for that reason.

    When the big one happens, you can bet on an overt religious war to follow. I won't have a dog in that fight.

  2. I've never been a big fan of Hitchens. He's a blowhard who cuts too many intellectual corners. In fact, like Bill Maher, I consider him more of an entertainer than an actual intellectual. Except Bill Maher may actually be a little smarter. And much funnier.

  3. Only BAD Moslems.

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